We are a web design, graphics design and web development company

with over 25 years of experience in all aspects of design. We work closely with a wide variety of clients to bring to fruition the best results possible.

We create web designs using current flat design standards, bring UX/UI background and awareness to the site development, recommend the best technology for your needs (HTML5/CSS, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, etc.) and make sure it works on all devices. We also provide our clients with logo and print designs, graphic design of all types. These products and services highlight our understanding of design, whether it be with a corporate look and feel, a small business sensibility or a personal ‘let it rip’ approach.

We are information designers…

People who realize that how you present certain information is a foundation of good looking design. We also understand and implement basic principles of usability and navigation within every project. We take into account the purpose and goals of the clients and the best way to articulate those purposes and goals to the their target audience. We effectively transform client / corporate requirements into scalable information models.

We’re working…

in a world of information overload, towards products that have simple, straightforward messaging. It’s information with a purpose where entertainment is incorporated as it enhances the experience yet doesn’t distract from the point of the design.

At Paul Pinkman Creative Design, LLC we see that the future of visual, information and instructional design will be most appreciated where it is tied to particular intent both through messaging and visual design and yet may include ‘design for design’s sake’ approach.

We offer…

expert understanding and knowledge of web design, graphics design and development skills in all related areas including content management systems, social media use and online video. We start with how information architecture relates to:

  • common sense design
  • basic usability practices based on user-centric design
  • efficient and effective website navigation and human interaction,
  • concise information architecture requirements such as information gathering, information sorting, specification drafting, prototyping, testing and basic performance analysis.

Where we feel it’s needed, we also present information design for clients and development team members by use of visual materials, on the spot drawings and power point presentations.

We create web and print media that is graphically well conceived, appropriately designed and/or instructionally sound. Starting with text-based content we take the time to understand the materials and marry them to appropriately conceived information design. Next we incorporate the concise visual design that’s needed to inform and illustrate the message and apply clear instructional design when needed.

How do we achieve this?

  • By understanding the client’s business models and goals and help define approach to  content as well as the visual  layout of their web site.
  • By defining navigation that serves as a blueprint of the site upon which all other aspects are built.
  • By creating wire frames and visual prototypes to illustrate the intended user experience.

You can see examples of our work by contacting us. Or we also have a wide variety of examples available online for you to review.

Get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you. Our goal in working with clients is simple – provide the best design possible while maintaining integrity of message. We do this through open and frequent communication and thorough project management.