Marketing Strategy for Success

Online Marketing Planning and Strategy

Planning and executing your content marketing strategy is often the hardest part of gaining an online presence. Even for business owners who are savvy with social media, managing a full content schedule can be time-consuming. That’s where we come in. The experts at Paul Pinkman Creative Design, LLC. are your business’ personal content management specialists. We handle the details of expanding your online audience while you dedicate your time to running your business. Our customized marketing plans are designed to achieve profitable goals for your organization in the form of increased revenue, lower costs and/or better customers.

How can a content marketing strategy improve your business?

  • Companies that use digital marketing plans state that they are more effective.
  • Organizing your media and content plan makes it easier to execute.
  • A well-managed plan leads to increased ROI.

Ready to Evolve Your Business?

Looking to take your business to the next level? We’ll develop a digital marketing  strategy to boost your business.

 The Key to Measurable Marketing Results

Attract– Powerful marketing plans are about understanding your buyer’s persona and finding key target channels to drive traffic. In order to get prospective customers buzzing about your business, our professionals employ the best inbound marketing techniques. Through this process, we’ll turn strangers into interested website visitors. We will use the following techniques:


Keyword Research


Social Media

Convert- After we’ve impressed your prospective client with custom content, top PPC Ads, and social media presence it’s time to focus on turning traffic into leads. We’ll make them an offer that will capture their information through:

Landing Pages

Call to Action


These tactics are all important for conversion. Visitors can fill out a form including their email or other information in exchange for white paper, tip sheets and other marketing material.

Close- Traditional marketing and online marketing have many similarities and difference. Unlike the traditional process, digital marketing pinpoints specific audiences that are typically already interested in your service or business. Therefore, attracting and converting customers can eliminate a lot of unnecessary inquiries. However, once you’ve attracted the right visitors and leads it’s time to use some interactive sales techniques to close the deal. During this step, we offer customized emails that are useful for interested prospects.

Nurture- The best clients are often the ones that continually return to your business. We know that the best strategies involve continuing communication. To follow up the process our online marketing consultants will nurture customer relationships through:

Email Marketing

Social Media


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