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Healthcare meets Social Networking, what’s happening today!

In continuing our ongoing presentations regarding the state of Social Networking today, Paul Pinkman will be presenting an updated review/preview of the state of Social Networking in healthcare today to North New Jersey Association of Health Underwriters (NNJAHU). The presentation will include a look at how things will likely look going forward.  Some key information about SEO and how critical it is becoming to staying alive on the web will be part of the presentation.

As part of a regional effort, Paul Pinkman Creative Design has been presenting courses and discussions on how to use social media to keep your business name in the public eye via social media. These presentations focus largely on how social media channels are expanding and changing and what things all business owners need to be aware of to stay abreast of things.

Though primarily a graphic, web design and development company, the success these days of any website is dependent on its successful outreach to existing and potential clients. Social media is an important part of any business online presence. We work to provide details that help businesses grow their presence online and increase the value of their website in today’s Google/Bing search universe.

Social Media, Technology and Healthcare 2014 Presentation to NNJAHU- 6-25-2014 PowerPoint.

Healthcare meets social networking 2014 Resources

logoPaul Pinkman presented “Social Media, Now – for Artists” at the Collective Arts Tank in Asbury Park on Saturday January 11. The event, done in conjunction with panelists Eric Valosin and Marc D’Agusto, was well received by all who attended. The theme of the day was artist identity and how to leverage ones creative personality to establish a market using social media and other tools. Thanks to all everyone for coming out on a rainy day.

To access the support materials in electronic form, please click here.